Yes, I Live Here


Yes, I live here.

You don't know the place.

You can't see me, from that city glare

Day in, day out, day always. Day.

Night calls me, but I am lonely.

Though not alone.


Time was a kindness once,

Had a moment in the sun,

You used to know me,

No one does now.

Yearning to offer more

But no one's listening.

If they ever did.


It's all about opportunity.

It's not money, nor fame, nor even love.

We all need more opportunity in this life

Don't you think?

Because 'tain't any opportunity in the next.

We could all use more love, though.


The clock is running out

So now, a poor man's opportunity

While I still have my health.

Magnum opus and a swan song

If poverty doesn't get me first.

Made a good living like a well-oiled machine.

Now I must offer my best for a song.


David Oesper