A Spring Farewell


Taurus is a tuning fork, anchored in the west

Auriga is warming up for some a cappella singing

Orion is reeling from that damned porch light, Sirius

And those incessant garage lights, Castor and Pollux

Retreating inside to a darkened room and Koss Pro 4AA


The Pleiades have taken up their seats in the balcony loge

Now enjoying "Blithe Bells" by Perseus Grainger

While Cass and Cepheus are moved to tears by

The "Four Last Songs" of Richard Strauss


Puppis is no dog nor hind quarters of any ship

But a celestial bikini, ah is that fair Berenice and Virgo

Coming of age in the east as old dogs and heroes

Fade from view in the west?


David Oesper