Mirador Astronomy Village

We have found a suitable property for Mirador Astronomy Village!


Tract 1: North Pasture Ranch, 595 acres, $425,000

This property is located about 29 miles south of Marfa on paved Ranch Road 169, also known as Casa Piedra Road.

We are envisioning a community cooperative corporation that will acquire, develop, and manage the land in an ecologically-friendly and sustainable manner.

Key features of Mirador Astronomy Village

  1. Public observatory and parking adjacent to Casa Piedra Road
  2. Astronomy programs provided regularly to local visitors and tourists
  3. Overnight accommodations for guests
  4. Community housing and additional facilities will be located in a cluster, known as a "campus", rather than individual acreages.
  5. The campus approach will minimize the amount of land that needs to be developed, and utilities (such as water) will be shared by all residents of the campus rather than individually owned.
  6. Solar and wind power, and other renewable energy sources, will be harnessed to provide the electricity the community uses.
  7. A designated area of the site shall be set aside for astronomical observation. This will include observatories, individually or cooperatively owned, or rented. One observatory will be community owned and available to all residents. This area will be located within easy walking distance of the housing campus.
  8. No dusk-to-dawn exterior lighting will be permitted, and any exterior lighting shall be fully shielded so as not to create light trespass and must be approved by the Lighting Review Committee (LRC). Alternatives to lighting, such as reflective materials, will be used wherever possible.
  9. Families and individuals of modest income will be able to afford to live at Mirador because of the way in which the community is developed and sustained.
  10. Affordability will be accomplished through community activities that generate revenue from external sources, and by sharing resources so that community members will not be required to individually own everything they need or use.

For more information about specific community features under consideration, see https://skythisweek.info/mirador.pdf.

Please contact me if you would like to help Mirador Astronomy Village become a reality.

David Oesper
Mirador Astronomy Village Project Coordinator
Alpine, TX